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Science Fiction, Dark


By darknano

1625 0 0 1977

Ciphrus, 12707 Ciphrus has become a bustling industrial ground among much of its surface. Taking place 151 years after the Zero Day event, Ciphrus has been technologically uplifted by the mysterious Third Humanity species. A few decades later, the Third Humanity...

The Captain's Folly

By Jordan T Higa

13600 0 0 119661

The only starships that come are the ones to take people away… Except for one. Cut off from the nets, hunted, and betrayed, quantum hacker Den Richards is only too happy to accept the strange job offer that promises him a way off Earth, and a place on the...

The Ciphrus Compendium

By darknano

32924 0 0 9425

The Ciphrus Compendium is a series undergoing the transformation and experience of three individuals who live distinctly separate lives on a planet called Ciphrus. Ciphrus, having lost 60% of its population to a global pandemic, has now been thrown into a...

Shadows Saga #1- Shadowed Soul

By amelianite

1020 0 0 0

Oliver McKinney — rebel, reject, and occasional menace. yes, that's the grandson of Senator Kěith and Representative Jack. For the last fourteen years, a powerful energy has been picked up coming from Inerth, and the baz'e want it. The baz'e General Geuria...

By the Light of a Dying Sun

By Occasional Anvilite

480 0 0 0

Gideon Krystal is a warlord. On the run from the alien horrors of the Sarathie, he fell in with a band of mercenary known as the Galactic Union, and embarked on a dark path of death and destruction. Now, sixty years later, he is beginning to doubt his newfound...