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mythic fantasy

The New Sermons of Vashi

By farnethr

5797 0 0 7307

The New Sermons of Tel Vashi stand as an intricate collection of enigmatic teachings, forming the spiritual foundation of the Ashkin group within the land of Cairngorm. Inspired by a fusion of ancient wisdom and a distinct religious movement, the New Sermons...

A Wager of Vines and Magick

By hackinghistorical

22206 2 1 9633

Lizzie is a street smart young woman from the lower wards of her city. She thinks dreaming of a better future for her and her family is just that until the unbearably egotistical mage Lord Hart and his retinue sweep into her life. He seems only interested...

The Histories of the Realm of Beardsgaard

By Beardsgaard

26387 1 2 19160

Deep in the void of the cosmos, the heart of a dying star gains sentience, and begins to crafts the Realm from the bones and seeds of the stories of our world. These are those stories, an anthology collection of tales of heroes and halfwits, magic and mayhem,...